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13 Ways For Partners To Bond With A New Baby

The bond between a mother and her baby is intense. It’s a bond that has been able to grow and flourish over the whole 9 months or so of pregnancy, an intimate and unique connection. But the partner-baby bond is *so* important too, and having ideas as to how to grow and nurture this bond is really important.

With a little time and patience partner and baby will form their own special and unique loving bond, and that is a real joy to behold. So here are 13 ways that partners can try to feel more involved, and nurture that bond with their baby:

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Baby Massage - connecting through love

Baby Massage is such a relaxing and loving thing to do with your baby. Through Baby Massage you learn how to interact, communicate and bond more with your baby through positive nurturing touch. It’s different to adult massage, we focus on touch, physical contact and skin-to-skin bonding. Studies have shown it can help your baby feel more relaxed, improve sleep and offer relief from health problems such as colic, wind and constipation. It's also really beneficial for parents too - helping you to relax, and also to build a bond together through one-to-one interaction.

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