Doula Services

Support in pregnancy, birth and post natally 


"If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it."

Dr Marshall Klaus



What is a Doula?

A Doula is a woman who supports a woman and her partner and family (if she already has children) in pregnancy, labour, birth and the early post natal period. 

A Doulas role in labour is to protect the space of the labouring woman, to keep her and her birth partner informed, to keep calmness in the birthspace and let the oxytocin flow. She may provide words of encouragement, she may massage or help the woman move into different positions, she may simply be there to discuss options and ideas with if required. She works in partnership with the birth partner, and can give them a break, time to sleep in a long labour or time to look after other children.

During the pregnancy a Doula is there to help the couple know about their options, their rights, to discuss birth preferences and to sign post to other research and information they may want to make informed decisions. A Doula will also simply listen, talk through issues and support the woman to feel confident and positive in her pregnancy.

"It is easy to make a birth difficult. Giving birth is an involuntary physiological process that needs to be protected." Lilianna Lammers


Doulas in and around York

I was lucky enough to train as a Doula with the legendary Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers (a Doula with huge amount of experience, and who helped to set up Doula UK). But due to family commitments, work and logistics I am sadly not actually able to offer my services as a Doula right now (I will hopefully be back to it one day). But here in and around York, Harrogate and Leeds we are very lucky to have some amazing Doulas. And I am delighted to share them with you. Here is a list:

Michaela Scott - Find out more about Michaela and her pregnancy skills at


Doula UK

You can find more pregnancy and post natal doulas over on the Doula UK website here too