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Hypnobirthing & Complete Antenatal Courses in York - lots of options

Congratulations on your pregnancy. All of my Hypnobirthing & Birth Preparation courses provide a women-centred holistic approach to a positive, calm and confident birth, however you birth your baby. You'll feel fully informed about pregnancy, labour and birth and with all the amazing hypnobirthing tools and techniques you need to have an empowering birth experience.


Group Hypnobirthing Course
Booking now in York

Group Hypnobirthing & Antenatal courses that provide everything you need to know to have a calm, confident and positive birth, however you birth your baby. 


One to one Hypnobirthing Courses
At a time to suit you

A one to one Hypnobirthing course can be done to suit your own schedule, and address any particular needs you have

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Refresher Hypnobirthing Courses
For second, third or more babies

If you have done Hypnobirthing before, and want a recap for this pregnancy then a refresher course could suit you.

"Hypnobirthing matters because it sets women on a journey to take charge of their births. It gives the message that birth preparation is vital and essential for a positive birth - both for spiralling inwards and finding strength and courage, and for making and voicing decisions that feel right about the outer environment in labour and birth"        Milli Hill, Founder of The Positive Birth Movement


What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a whole toolbox of practical tools and techniques to keep you and your birth partner calm, confident and positive during labour. So that you can even ENJOY your labour and birth, feel in control and be totally empowered throughout! It's a complete antenatal course, so you don't need to add any other classes. Learn more about what Hypnobirhitng is (and isn't) and my hypnobirthing classes and courses in York using the link below. 


Course Dates & Booking

Group Hypnobirthing courses take place every month in York in a lovely space that's full of light, homeliness and comfort - perfect for learning about hypnobirthing and practicing relaxation techniques. It's also easily accessible from central York and also has its own car park right outside - so wonderfully stress free. From feedback the courses are run at a time that most couples find they can fit into their busy lives. Oh and we have homemade cake, chocolate, fresh fruit, and lots of tea & drinks too! Find the Hypnobirthing Group Course dates here.


Review & Testimonials

Hearing other couples experience of Hypnobirthing, about your teacher, and the For Modern Mothers Hypnobirthing course is really important when deciding if it’s right is for you. So I have put together some testimonials and feedback from other couples I have taught over the years. You can also find 5-star reviews on my Google+ and Facebook pages too.


About Me

My passion is to work with pregnant women and couples as they navigate pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatally the 'fourth trimester'. I love helping couples remove the fear from their upcoming birth, and become a calm, confident and positive 'birthing dream team!'. As a fully trained Hypnobirthing teacher with a Diploma in Hypnobirthing (accreditation by the Royal College of Midwives), I am also a Pregnancy and Post Natal Yoga Teacher, a trained Doula, and a Baby Massage Teacher. Find out more about me and my experience, trainings and qualifications here.


Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga is a brilliant complement to Hypnobirthing. It helps mums-to-be to connect with their baby and their amazing growing and changing pregnant body, strengthens and keeps the body mobile, eases aches and pains, can help you sleep better and you also learn lovely breathing and relaxation techniques too.