Hypnobirthing Birth Stories

I’ve put together a whole host of positive birth stories, from couples who have had a ‘hypnobirth’. Because ALL types of births can be a ‘hypnobirth’ - it’s not just for a certain type of birth or type of person, it really is for anyone who wants and confident and positive birth experience. And reading positive birth stories is so beneficial in pregnancy (you’ll learn more about this on the course). So take a read of these wonderful positive Hypnobirthing Birth Stories, I’ve included lots of different ones (home birth, hospital birth, caesarean birth, VBAC, induction and more). All are unique of course, but all of them share positivity, confidence, choice and calmness - which is what hypnobirthing is all about. And of course if you would like to share your story after your own birth please do get in touch. (NB. I always change all names in the stories)

A Dads Hypnobirthing birth story

Here is a birth stories from a first-time dad who were sceptical about hypnobirthing when told by their partners they had been signed up for a course… 

Davids story 

This was our first child, and being a man I didn’t know what to expect with regards the pregnancy period and the birth. The role of the man up to and during the birth has always been portrayed as a hapless onlooker who wanted nothing to do with the messy and faint-inducing business of giving birth. My own father was playing cricket when he heard my mum had gone into labour and decided that the cricket team needed him more than she did! 

Attitudes among my generation do seem to be changing though and when my wife said she had enrolled us onto a hypnobirthing course I was open minded but didn’t know what to expect (actually I half expected a bunch of ‘yoghurt weavers’ as my brother calls them). However I was very glad she did, as from the very first class I felt much more at ease and more involved knowing that I had a really important role to play and wasn’t a mere onlooker at all. 

When Kat (my wife) stated labour we were both calm and relieved that it was finally happening. We had decided early on that we wanted a home birth and I had found an inflatable birthing pool on the internet to set up in our living room. We had friends take the dog and went for a walk around the block. This was early evening and by about 9.30pm the surges were such that it was time to call the midwife. Two of them promptly came at about 11pm and I set about making cups of tea and filling the birth pool to the desired temperature. The two midwives were lovely with a kind manner and didn’t get in the way or try to dictate things at all. The CD of hypno music was playing and I rubbed Kats back for what seemed like three hours while she did her breathing. Kat wanted to try and avoid the use of any drugs and to experience the birth an naturally as possible. After more cups of tea and rounds of sandwiches Kat was ready to get into the pool at about 4am. I sat on the side holding her hand and whispering encouragement. 

First came the head and then the rest just whooshed out into the water shortly after . Instead of the baby being whipped away and checked we wanted to hold her straight away and I watched in amazement as Kat held this tiny wrinkled baby in her arms and cried with relief and joy.  

I was not really prepared for the afterbirth and I would suggest to any men reading this that they can probably skip this bit. It was painful for Kat and at this point she reached for the gas and air. Kat ended up with a few stitches which the midwives dealt with but it was nothing serious. 

After the midwives made their checks we bade them farewell and they left us alone with this new life that we had created. The sun was coming up and we were high on lack of sleep and pure elation. We announced the birth the friends and family and then lay side by side in bed with a glass of champagne and a silly grin on our faces, knowing our family had begun and life would never be the same again. 

A Beautiful Hypnobirthing Birth Story

Our beautiful baby boy was born last Saturday morning at home as planned using purely the incredible hypnobirthing techniques you taught us.  If you remember my main concern about giving birth this time around was that our second child's hypnobirth experience was SO amazing I didn't think that our third child's birth could ever match it...how WRONG I was!!

I'd like to share our birthing story with you as I still can't believe it was as easy as it was...!

On Friday 1st August my two children left for their caravan holiday with my mother-in-law, and I knew as soon as they had left the house that I was now ready for our new baby to arrive.  That afternoon I went for a walk along the river in Richmond with my mother and sister, we laughed a lot and had a really lovely couple of hours.  My mum then came with me to the hospital as being "the magic 40" now, the hospital were wanting me to be monitored as I was a day over my "due date".  In actual fact they had wanted me to have a sweep at 39 weeks which I declined three times, they also advise that you are induced by due date, which I also declined.  Your hypnobirth words rang out loud and clear at each midwife appointment "baby will come when baby is ready...baby knows best".

At the hospital the trace showed that the baby was very active and that I was also contracting.  However, as usual, the hospital would not leave it at that and I found myself having a chat with the registrar after the trace, and sure enough she suggested that they induce me that day.  I once again declined the invitation.  She also suggested that I have a sweep before I leave the hospital - that too I declined.  I have to say I was quite amazed that she was suggesting either since the trace showed the baby to be absolutely fine and that I was already contracting!  The registrar finally asked if I would agree to another trace after the weekend, and I agreed for that to happen, although I did also add that I was not finding coming into the hospital a relaxing experience.

That evening I suggested to my husband that for once we go out to eat as we had no children in the house.  He said he was tired after a heavy week at work and would rather get a take away.  I told him that the trace showed I was contracting and that this may be our last chance for an evening out together...at that, he instantly agreed and we booked a table at a local pub. 

After a lovely evening out we came home and did a hypnobirthing exercise, (we had been practising on and off since the course back in April, building up the practice as we came closer to term), and then I drifted off to sleep.  Around 12.30 surges began to appear regularly, maybe 5 an hour, which I breathed through in bed and then slipped back to sleep - my husband was none the wiser.  At 7am I thought that it would be best to involve Matt, as the surges were becoming closer and stronger.  I woke him and we went downstairs.  The motion of getting up etc. caused the surges to come on quite quickly and I had several close together.  It was very easy to breathe through them and visualise my hot air balloon going up into the sky.  I also allowed to think of my baby now actively ready to leave the womb and that I needed to help him by opening up the muscles to allow him a swift exit.

Matt called my mum who was staying nearby and she arrived around 7.30a.m.  I had some breakfast and a cuppa and watched an episode of The Royale Family, which we had recorded and which I just paused every time I had a surge. We called the hospital and asked them to let the home birth midwives know that I was in labour, and the baby was more than likely to be born today.  

At 9.30am Matt decided to pop out and get a coffee for himself and a fresh Danish pastry for me.  My surges were continuing, one every 5 minutes and although they only felt like 20 seconds or so, my mother said they were lasting a minute each.  I was gently breathing through them making no sounds at all, and they were totally easy to cope with, and gone before I knew it.  When Matt arrived back with the Danish for me (about 10am.) I needed to be on my own, so I took my pastry into the kitchen and had a couple of mouthfuls in between surges, and asked my husband and mum not to be with me.  Then I had a very big surge and felt my waters pop!  I told my mum and she called the hospital to tell the midwife we were very close now. 

During the next 10 minutes a lot happened, I moved back into the front room and had back to back strong surges - again very easy to deal with - breathing and visualising, but then suddenly I needed to down breathe - the baby was coming!  I asked Matt if everything was ready for me in the kitchen as I was ready to breathe the baby down.  He gently moved me into the kitchen and began to read me the downbreathing visualisations, and the statements for an empowering birth, to keep me focused.  The baby moved down very calmly and easily and I was ready for the head to be born.  I held back though as the midwife hadn't yet arrived, and although my mum was ready to deliver the baby I didn't want to give her that responsibility.  Throughout, my birthing partners remained calm and focused, each with their own role to play.  

A few moments later and the door knocked it was the midwife - phew...finally I gave in and allowed the head to be born, just as she put her gloves on.  And then within seconds the baby's body followed too.  I lifted him up and he was beautiful!

There was minimal mess, a very small tear which needed no stitches, the baby latched perfectly and fed easily immediately and the placenta arrived without difficulty about 10 minutes later.  It was what we had hoped for with our birth, for which I will be in your debt!

I said to the midwife after the birth, (while eating the other half of my Danish pastry!) that I've no idea why there is a need for pain relief and intervention in childbirth, to the extent that there is in this country, when giving birth is as pain free as you want it to be.  Visualise the end you want and that's what you can achieve - it's all in the mind.

I feel extremely passionate about hypnobirthing and so wish that every mother-to-be can find out the secret to swift and gently child birth like I have.  I hope through you that you can share this with any mothers-to-be who are anxious about the day they will have to give birth

A Positive Induction Hypnobirthng Birth Story

I’d like to share with you the story of Nathan’s birth. My husband Dimith and I met fairly late on in life – nothing quite pans out the way you think

it will when you are 21 after all. I was 36 and he was 37 and of course thinking about or trying for children when you have just met is really not on the cards. It was a couple of years later when we were living together and enjoying our freedom and nights out, weekends away together etc that we thought we should be getting on with it.

I always wondered if I would be able to get pregnant as I have poly- cystic ovaries and although have no real symptoms, I couldn’t be sure that I was ovulating regularly. I did seek help from the GP and alternative therapies to regulate my cycle but was always told that I really wouldn’t know the outcome until we started trying. It could take 2 months or 2 years...well in the end it took 4 years before I conceived at 42 yrs old. After four years of

wanting and hoping we had given up hope of ever having our own baby and thought we would adopt. We were ecstatic. We had also just booked a fabulous holiday in South America. Well we still went on holiday, even the wine tasting in Argentina where I watch my husband guzzle my share of the wine – I was by then nearly five months pregnant.

I hadn’t really thought that much about the actual labour up until I was about 5 months and then it really dawned on me that this bump was coming out and my whole reference point and experience of births was what I’d seen on the TV or in films, much like for many others I guess. I just had this nagging feeling that giving birth should be natural and beautiful and not only messy and painful. I believed that my body would do what it was meant to do. I felt strongly that my baby was healthy and would enter this world when he or she was ready. I had not really bargained for the hospital process that we became part of and the fight to have a natural birth.

Different hospitals have their own policies which I could understand and at our local hospital the consultant said to me from fairly early on that I would be inducted at about 39 or most certainly at 40 weeks given my age. The reason given was that after 40 years old, there is some evidence to suggest that the placenta does not work as efficiently after 40 weeks and can start to deteriorate. This could lead to having a still born baby even after having such a healthy pregnancy. I really went into denial at this point, thinking that I would do everything possible to bring my baby into this world by natural remedies if he or she did not make an appearance on its own.

In the meantime I looked into alternatives to induction and read more about hypnobirthing which led me to find the course which we subsequently attended. I just knew that hypnobirthing would help me although at the time I had no clue how. I didn’t even really know what it was but from what I read I thought that deep relaxation could only really help with labour. I attended the hypnobirthing course with my husband and we were both excited about it because we thought that it was something we could really do together and Dimith would have an opportunity to participate and share in the actual birth process in some way.

I remember vividly in the first session of the course watching a video of a first time mother giving birth in a birthing pool at home and being moved to tears. I said to our teacher something like: “Wow! I knew that giving birth could be like this...” it was a mixture of excitement and relief. The course really helped bond us as a couple as we had a focus in preparing together for what seemed like the most important moment in our lives. I loved the exercises we did in the class, we both learnt to relax and use self hypnosis to focus our breathing and visualisation to focus our minds. It was great that Dimith could join in and experience it all as well. Dimith loved learning how to give me light touch massage which he used in my labour consistently and it definitely gave him something to do and helped me no end. The course allowed us to work through our worries and fears about giving birth and most importantly to reshape our thinking about labour and birth. I had received negative messages for most of my life about how painful labour was and how I would probably end up screaming in pain. Reframing my thinking was so valuable and by the time I went into labour my head was definitely in the right place.

I did feel a constant pressure from the hospital about induction and at every appointment I went to after about 30 weeks we had a consultation which focused on induction and me being an older mother. It really didn't help my confidence and I felt as if I was constantly batting the decision away and didn’t want to believe that I would actually be inducted. Finally after thinking things through in detail with Dimith I had in my mind a cut off that I would ‘allow’ myself to ‘go over’ my guess date by a week and then agree to induction. I did agree to having sweeps and in the end I had three starting at 38 weeks. Looking back this was way too early and I and the baby weren’t nearly ready at that stage. I did read a lot and looked at stats of older women and labour and the risk of having a still born baby which does increase very slightly as you get older. Having all this information was definitely empowering but I still wasn’t convinced that I should be inducted. It is very hard to stand up to the medical profession in hospital because you do wonder if they know best as they do it all the time plus they tell you straight about the devastating impact a still born baby at full term would be. I did go into induction well informed and having thought through the process endlessly with Dimith and weighed up all the pros and cons we agreed to my induction at 40 weeks plus 3 days. We felt that after all the trying, hoping and waiting for a baby plus the fact that I might be unlikely to conceive again at my age we couldn’t bear any unnecessary risk to the baby. I did feel strongly however that I would work with my body to enable the induction process and that I would not need full induction (the syntocinon drip) and this is in fact what happened.

There was something quite lovely, (maybe it was the certainty), after all the waiting, that I would have my baby in my arms within the next day or two. The day before my induction, Dimith and I went for a walk in the sunshine and talked and reminisced about our long and difficult journey and how it was nearly over. On the day of my induction we arrived at the hospital, anxious and excited but definitely ready. I had a final sweep and then two prostaglandin pessary gels, six hours apart and my body and mind took over and we were off. I was most certainly nervous but also very excited and confident that things would be ok. Dimith was fantastic and helped me walk up and down the hospital corridors once my surges started. I was told and had read that walking really helps get things going and I knew that if I didn't progress with the gel that I would be pressurised into taking syntocinon. Soon the surges were strong and regular and I was back on the labour ward where my waters broke. All the while I listened to my hypnobirthing CD affirmations and Dimith gave me light touch massage, rubbing oils into my lower back and giving me water to drink. I did have a few puffs of gas and air – about four in total and it made me feel light headed and sick. After vomiting once I thought I could manage very well without pain relief and did not have any more. I did use a tens machine and found it helpful but looking back I found that it was probably a good distraction more than anything else.

My surges lasted six hours in total and I went with everyone of them. I believed my body knew what to do and the techniques I learnt in class allowed me to have confidence in the process and I felt very connected to my body and baby. The midwives were fantastic and we had the hypnobirthing music on while Nathan was born. He came into this world slowly and calmly. He didn't breathe straight away and was whisked off to have his airway cleared whereupon he promptly cried and was handed over to Dimith initially as I had some post birth shaking. All quite normal I hear. I was soon holding our little boy and we were both in tears as we absorbed the enormity of bringing a little life into this world.

I strongly believe that hypnobirthing helped me to have as natural birth as possible considering that I was inducted. I have no regrets about my labour and I loved learning more about my body and my ability to cope with labour. Dimith and I talk fondly about our classes and have recommended hypnobirthing to friends. You can't control what might happen once you go into labour but I believe hynobirthing prepared me to cope with the unexpected by equipping me with information and confidence and connecting me to my body.

Twists & Turns Hypnobirthing Birth Story 

Anna’s story below is an example of how even when a birth unfolds in an unpredictable way, you can choose to feel calm, empowered and in charge. 

My babies journey into the big wide world started when I was taken into a delivery room with two lovely midwives who had read my birth preferences and said they would do all they could to help me achieve them. 

My waters released on Friday morning at 4.25am and the surges began pretty quickly. They grew in intensity over the next four hours. I used a TENS machine and my UP breathing, which worked brilliantly to help me stay in control and enjoy the experience, as I knew each one took me a step closer to meeting my babies. Unfortunately, I didn’t dilate so I was offered a hormone drip, which I politely declined, and we were able to go for another four hours in the belief that the babies just needed a little more time. Then, when I still hadn’t dilated, I agreed to do the hormone drip. 

The surges started to come thick and fast, and I continued using the TENS machine and hypnobirthing breathing techniques along with a mat, beanbag and a birth ball – which all helped me to relax, and go into my birthing zone. I have to mention here that there was no offer of ‘pain relief’, as I had made this clear in my birth preferences and I greatly appreciated it because I felt that  my care providers had faith in my ability to birth. 

I used very deep noises as the surges peaked, which I didn’t expect to do, but it helped massively – as well as counting how many breaths I needed to get me through each surge. This was a saving grace because I knew roughly how long each surge would last (although some were a lot longer or shorter). 

My partner had come along to the classes with me of course, so he was an absolute brilliant birth partner – giving me drinks, space or comfort when I needed them. When the surges got really intense the best ‘pain relief’ was holding onto him. It must have been the oxytocin! Anyway after 16 hours I still hadn’t dilated and I had a temperature, so the doctor (who was brilliant as stopping talking to me who another surge appeared) suggested increasing the hormone drip. 

This was such a hard decision for me because it wasn’t something I wanted. Along with saying yes, I knew that I would need an epidural (not once was this suggested to me, I felt in total control). However I knew using the BRAIN process that the benefits outweighed the risks: the fact that I’d been birthing for so long with little effect meant that if I did nothing it could be an extremely long process, which would tire us all out. 

I asked for an epidural to help numb the intensity of the surges from the increased hormone drip. This is where it gets interesting, and I believe it was all meant to be. Firstly because of the tens machine and using the UP breathing techniques, I didn’t feel the epidural go in. Secondly it meant I could have a break from the intensity. Most significantly an hour after having the epidural I was told that twin twos heart rate was worrying and that it was beneficial to deliver the babies as soon as possible – again my care providers left it to me to deduce that they meant a c-section, allowing me to feel that I was the one in control and not them. 

So after 2o hours of labour, during which I’d been able to use all of my well-practiced techniques, I was taken to theatre where my beautiful babies were born. And do you know what? It was such an amazingly calm, relaxed, light hearted atmosphere. Everyone was so lovely, informative and respectful. Again because I knew that my birth could take any twist or turn, I had so many tools and techniques in my toolbox from the hypnobirthing course, and my partner and I were able to embrace whatever avenue our babies births took. I can honestly say it was one of the best days of my life. Yes it was intense, challenging (I had to dig very deep) and long. Yes unfortunately I wasn’t able to have everything on my birth preferences, or my plan A. However I felt empowered, strong, confident, positive and calm throughout. The breathing techniques, visualisations, the positive affirmations and the confidence skills I had developed from the hypnobirthing classes had no doubt allowed me to enjoy the birth out our babies and despite not having then naturally they were born into a happy, calm and quiet atmosphere which is what we wanted. I felt like  truly changed that day. Not only becoming a mother, but also because it was the first time I had truly committed to something that no one around me had done before, where I really believed in something and I succeeded. I’m incredibly proud of myself and can use the skillset I now have to take me into motherhood.  

Thank you for all your positivity and support, I truly feel we couldn’t have done it without you.

An Unplanned Caesarean Birth, But A Positive Birth   

Hello, I am a little bit sleep deprived (okay, a lot sleep deprived), as little Alistair arrived last Wednesday, the 16th. He decided to be one of those special babys that show up on his due date! 

Absolutely nothing went to plan (sigh), but thanks to hypnobirthing I remained mostly calm (my husband may disagree with that, but I felt calm!) and whilst it wasn’t ‘perfect,’ as I hold my son, it was definitely positive.  

At 39 weeks, we had our 4th incident of reduced movements and were offered a sweep and a scan. Nothing came of the sweep but the scan showed up that Alistair was in the 95th percentile and was heading for 5 kgs, So an appointment was set up on Friday 18th to discuss our options. I panicked, not wanting to be induced, and contacted my hypnobirthing teacher for help and support. As we waited for meeting, I did my daily birth affirmations and did the fear release mp3. 

On Tuesday, 15th, I started to get some surges every 20 minutes. We’d had a few false labours, so I just watched some telly and relaxed. At 11pm, I headed up to bed, joking with my husband of the chances that he’d come on his due date. I woke up a few times through the night to go to the toilet and was disappointed that the surges seemed to have gone. Until 3.30, when I woke up and felt like I was weeing myself. As I got up to go to the loo, it became very clear that it was my waters going. We rang the hospital and they advised us to come in and check there weren’t any infections and that my waters were clear. They checked we were 3cm dilated and sent us home for our planned home birth. My surges were coming every 2-3 minutes for 45 seconds to a minute. 


The community midwife rang us and informed us that we had been sent back to consultant care due to baby’s scan size. Apparently we were going to discuss our birthing options on our appointment on Friday, but instead we ended up having them in our living room at 5 am, as I breathed through my surges over a birthing ball. After speaking with the midwife and my husband, we agreed to go into hospital, as long as we were allowed to be under midwife led care. 

I was prepared for there to be a slow down in my labour as we made our way back to the hospital, but it didn’t seem to happen at all. By 8.30, we were 4cm dilated and waiting for my heart rate to come down to get into the pool for pain relief. My husband put on a mix of the birth affirmations and some of my favourite songs that I sang to the bump. I had some gas an air, got into the pool, and chatted happily with the midwife and my husband in between surges. 

The midwife was happy to let me labour in the pool, but advised that we not give birth in it, in case baby’s shoulder got stuck. So at 1.30, after the intensity of my surges changed, I was checked again and was found to be 6 – 7 cms. Within 30 minutes, I was leaned over the bed, feeling the need to push. A quick exam showed I was fully dilated and ready to go! 

We tried pushing in all sorts of positions, over the bed, over the ball, on the stool, on all fours. For two hours. I was definitely not calm at this point and had a few choice words for my husband. As I began to flag, the midwife gave me a quick check and it turns out Alistair hadn’t dropped. The consultant came in and offered us an assisted delivery, though given how high up he was, they did not seem overly positive. I was so tired at that point, and nearly in tears. I just wanted him out and I felt I could not push anymore. My husband asked them to leave and gave us a few moments to discuss our options. Given how tired I was and how high up he was, I knew the best decision was to get him out at soon as possible, so we went with a c-section. 

It was definitely not what I wanted before I went into labour, but I when I heard him cry for the first time, I knew that we had done right. He was out and safe. He is definitely not a little boy (over 4kgs!) and had a full head of hair. 

Thank you so much for teaching me to remain calm and relaxed throughout my labour. I am happy with my birth because of the hypnobirthing classes, they gave me the ability to trust my instincts. I felt that I was able to make decisions that allowed me to feel happy and at peace with the end result. And my husband was amazing, using the techniques he learned to calm me down and give us a break when the situation got intense. 


A VBAC (Vagial Birth After Caesarean) Hypnobirthing Birth Story 

Still, four weeks on, I can’t quite believe that Finley is here, safe and well! Having had a planned c-section with my first child due to her being breech, I had my heart set on a VBAC with my son, and that’s why I turned to hypnobirthing. I wanted to feel confident that I could birth naturally, as I had lost my confidence the first time round and I felt that any control had been taken off me. I was feeling nervous and so I wanted some tips and practical things to help me relax and trust my body. And I am so glad that we signed up for the course with you. 

Surges began through the night on the Friday, but I was absolutely adamant that I had a bad tummy and my IBS was playing up as usual. I spoke to my husband in the morning (he was at home, along with our toddler), and he was convinced it was starting. I think I was just in denial! We all went for a lovely walk to a park with a river on the Saturday morning, and I sat on a bench as I watched my husband and toddler throw sticks in the water for the dog. It was at this point that the surges were building and the fact that there was a bit of a rhythm to them made me think, ‘has it begun?’ I had had my second stretch and sweep the day before, along with acupuncture, as I was getting really despondent and just did not want to be induced, out of fear of this leading to another c-section. I think the sweep got things moving, as uncomfortable as it was, and perhaps the acupuncture helped as well. You never know! 

We got back from the park about midday and decided to ask my parents to come over as they live an hour away, and they were to look after our daughter. I bounced on my ball and used my TENS machine which I would really recommend in early labour. Having rung the hospital, we were told to stay put and see how things progressed. I had a bath, listened to my calming music and tried to continue as normal by sorting the washing etc. At this point, though, I found myself having to stop and breathe through the surges. Eventually, when my little girl was tucked up in bed, we rang the hospital who told us to come in. The midwife could hear my animal noises impressions in the background and told us to set off! Clinging to my mum in the back of the car, I have had better car journeys, but I stayed calm and focused on my breathing as much as I could, using my TENS machine during each surge. 

I was birthing in the labour ward due to this being a VBAC, and I was originally worried about this, but I found the rooms nice and the midwives were brilliant. It was clear that they had read my notes and plan, which I found reassuring. I was examined and I was 4cm – I still had doubts that I was actually in labour! I think it’s because I was coping well and this was due to my fab hubby and mum who were keeping me calm, and my breathing techniques. I then went in the pool and dilated very quickly – I was 10cm within 3 hours. All this time I managed on just gas and air. The surges were incredibly intense by this point and the urge to push was something I didn’t quite expect! But I wasn’t being heroic in terms of having minimal pain relief – I just went into my own zone, albeit I was still making my odd animal noises (!), but my birthing partners were amazing, giving me water, putting a cold flannel on my head etc. My lovely midwife even put my battery-operated tea lights around the pool. I felt very supported throughout. 

I got out of the pool, which I was relieved about actually, as I was becoming a shrivelled prune, and the midwife suggested breaking my waters to help things along. Then, back in the labour room, I was ready to meet Finley! I actually asked, ‘Are we at the pushing stage?!’ as I just couldn’t believe it was happening. This gave everyone a bit of a chuckle! After 20 mins, he was out! And he was perfect! The sense of relief at meeting him and having had a successful VBAC was overwhelming and there were lots of tears. Even when I had to go to theatre to manually remove the placenta and repair a tear, I still felt calm and in control. I actually felt a bit euphoric, though sad to leave Finley straight after the birth. However, Finley didn’t even cry and waited patiently for me to return from theatre before having his first calm and relaxed breastfeed. 

The whole experience was one I’ll never forget. Even with the complications at the end, I have no negative feelings about the labour at all. I still can’t believe I did it and I am in awe of what the body can do! Even after a c-section, the body is more than capable of doing what it is designed to do. And not once did I worry about my section scar, which I thought I’d do. My hypnobirthing techniques and the support of my mum and husband, along with the midwives, meant that things were calm and controlled. The breathing techniques were a godsend, and I loved hearing my music playlist throughout. Anyone thinking of a VBAC or who is doubting going on the labour ward should know that if I can do it, they can too! Thank you to you for your continued and invaluable support. Hypnobirthing really is a brilliant way to stay focused, calm and in control. I learned to just let go and trust my body, and in the end, it lead to a fabulous birth. Better than I could ever have hoped for!