Terms & Conditions




These are rarely needed but terms & conditions of bookings are below:

RESERVATION and booking poliCIES:

A booking does not constitute the creation of a contact, and Susan Bradley and For Modern Mothers reserves the right to decline to process a booking for any reason. If the booking is not able to be fulfilled Susan will promptly refund any monies.



VAT is not applicable.


Participant Cancellation

If a course is cancelled or postponed by the participant, Susan reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee. As a policy no refund will be given once a course is booked and paid for, as under the guidelines of KG Hypnobirthing.

Participants may provide substitutes for the course at no extra charge.

However each cancellation or postponement will be examined on a case-by-case basis and any special circumstances surrounding the request will be taken into consideration before deciding whether to invoke the cancellation charge.



Susan Bradley reserves the right to amend or cancel any course, course times, dates or published prices. Changes to course prices, times and dates will be advised before the course start date and any course already paid in full will not be subject to the increased price.


Private Class Postponement

When private classes have been booked in they can be changed if mutually agreeable without charge. A postponement made at the participants' request less than 24 hours before the class will incur a 50% fee.



Using hypnobirthing techniques is not a substitute for the advice of, or the presence during birth or any part of pregnancy or labour of, a qualified medical practitioner, midwife or obstetrician. It does not represent in fact or otherwise an alternative to appropriate medical care or for professional medical advice in any way shape or form.

Susan Bradley accepts no responsibility for the inappropriate use of, or complications or harm to any third party resulting from the use of hypnobirthing techniques as a substitute for medical advice. Hypnobirthing is intended solely as an ‘aid’ to ‘help’ increase the comfort of labour and birth and is not in any way a guarantee or promise of expected, imagined or actual outcome of the labour or birth in any way shape or form. Participation in hypnobirthing classes in any part or in total by any person or third party, is undertaken with the understanding by any persons or third party, that no litigation or legal action whatsoever will be initiated, or that any form of compensation or reimbursement or refund claimed or applied for at any time now or in the future against Susan Bradley under any circumstances whatsoever. Any booking of a hypnobirthing class assumes full and informed compliance to and agreement with all of these terms and conditions of sale.


Intellectual property

Materials provided during the course remain the intellectual property of those credited. This includes worldwide copyright unless specifically agreed otherwise in writing.