My Hypnobirthing classes are available in 4 formats:

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Group Hypnobirthing Courses in York

The Complete KG Hypnobirthing Syllabus plus lots of brilliant extras unique to F0r Modern Mothers Hypnobirthing!

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In my hypnobirthing classes you will learn

  • Hypnobirthing breathing & relaxation techniques for calm pregnancy, birth and beyond.

  • How fear can increase pain and slow down birth, and how it is 'contagious'.

  • To identify and release fear and build calmness using self hypnosis techniques. 

  • Massage and acupressure techniques to boost your body's endorphins and oxytocin.

  • The whole science and biology of labour and birth - so you REALLY understand your body and how your mind can hugely influence this.

  • Deep relaxation techniques, including the use of visualisation, affirmations and yoga nidra.

  • How to cope with the unexpected, and keep calm in all situations.

  • How to best navigate the NHS system and their protocols and guidelines.

  • How your partner can become your ultimate birth support, and give the the encouragement and support you need no matter what happens on the day.


When to attend hypnobirthing classes?

I recommend that you begin your hypnobirthing course anytime after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Really the more practice you do the better! But you can attend up to 36 weeks, it's never too late! My group hypnobirthing course includes 10 hours of teaching, lots of homework to practice, and lots of brilliant extras too - to really get you engaged and help to make your pregnancy as positive as possible (more about those below). You also get the ongoing support of both myself and the group to give you lots of motivation throughout your pregnancy through a dedicated Facebook group. It also gives you a lovely network of like-minded mums (and dads) after baby is born, which is really worth its weight in gold.

The groups are kept lovely and small (usually 4 to 8 couples) to maximise your experience and learning, and ensure that all your questions and concerns are addressed. But also allow you can meet a number of other parents to be - it can be invaluable to have these people to connect with once you small person arrives. This means the group courses often get booked up 4-6 weeks in advance. So I would really recommend booking early to avoid disappointment and missing out. If the course you would like to do is already full, please drop me an email as sometimes I can add extra dates or add you to the waiting list. 



The group hypnobirthing course costs £225, and this includes a space for both you and your birth partner. It INCLUDES:

  • 10 hours of face to face time learning with me

  • your own copy of the hypnobirthing book (RRP £12.99)

  • three KG hypnobirthing MP3's to use during and after the course

  • yummy homemade refreshments to keep you alert and focussed during the course.


Brilliant Extras Included:

I want to make my courses as effective and useful as possible. So as well as the 10 hours of face to face contact with me, the book and MP3's, you get ALL these brilliant extras INCLUDED in the price of the course, that you don't get with other hypnobirthing courses (worth £95 in themselves!):

  • My special 'For Modern Mothers' pregnancy workbook and journal that I've designed to accompany our sessions and help focus your energies. (worth £12)

  • My 'For Modern Mothers' Active Birth Guide (worth £5)

  • My 'For Modern Mothers' Yoga For Pregnancy Guide (worth £5)

  • A set of my 'For Modern Mother' positive affirmation cards (worth £14)

  • An amazing deep yoga relaxation for pregnancy MP3 (worth £7)

  • A special relaxation and unique recording MP3 for Birth Partners (worth £7)

  • A lovely yoga meditation MP3 for mum for the post natal period (worth £7)

  • My 'For Modern Mothers' Aromatherapy For Childbirth Guide + two aromatherapy roll-ons for pregnancy and labour (worth £19)

  • A special discount on my Pregnancy Yoga weekly classes (worth up to £15)

  • Learn techniques on how to align your baby and your pelvis to encourage a quicker, easier and more comfortable birth.

  • My support after the course until the birth of your baby by email/Facebook/phone.

  • A dedicated 'closed' Facebook group of other Hypnobirthing parents to be, to keep in touch and support each other (priceless!)

  • A brilliant reading list of recommended resources, links and other helpful resources for pregnancy and the postnatal period.

  • You also get homemade cake & treats and tea to keep you energised and focussed in our sessions.

  • I can also provide additional hypnobirthing recordings for you if you have specific requirements. You'll never be short of reading material and useful information!


Hypnobirthing Group Courses Dates & Times

York Hypnobirthing Course dates (each course includes both dates and a place for you AND your partner in the cost):

Start anytime after your 20 week scan.

November / December Course | Saturday 24th November & Sunday 2nd December 2018 | 9.30am to 2.30pm Saturday (10.30am to 3.30pm on Sunday) - SOLD OUT


JANUARY 2019 Course | Saturday 5th January & Saturday 12th January 2019 | 9.30am to 2.30pm  - 2 places remaining

FEBRUARY 2019 Course | Saturday 9th February & Saturday 16th February 2019 | 9.30am to 2.30pm  - 7 places remaining

MARCH 2019 Course | Saturday 16th March & Saturday 23rd March 2019 | 9.30am to 2.30pm  - 8 places remaining

Online booking is not yet open for this course, but you can book directly with me and get your place booked now - just email

When to come along?

You can come along anytime from 20 weeks - it's never too early to start (so earlier if you would like it is actually fine). It's recommended that you are not over 36 weeks on the last day of the course (but I HAVE taught couples over this number of weeks, who have benefited hugely, so email me for a chat if you have reached this stage and still would like to come).

Sometimes extra course dates can be added due to demand, so if you can't make these dates (or the course you would like to attend is already full) please do still get in touch, and I will do my very best to accommodate you.

If your baby's likely to arrive before the next available class please do contact me to look into the possibility of doing some sessions privately. 



I teach my hypnobirthing courses in small groups at a wonderful space near the racecourse in York. It's a lovely location and a really comfortable and homely space for us to explore this chapter in life in comfort. We have lots of soft lighting, plenty of cushions and blankets to get comfortable, lots of herbal teas, home-made cake and snacks (along with chocolate, of course). It's the perfect spaces to encourage you to take time out from everyday life to focus and explore this new chapter in life. From a very practical point of view the venue has its own car park, so you can park for free right outside - hurray!

312 Tadcaster Road, York, YO24 1GS (opposite the racecourse)  Easy and free parking in venues own car park,  right outside.


One to One Hypnobirthing Courses

Hypnobirthing Courses In York & Harrogate At A time to suit you

Alternatively, the course can be done to suit your own schedule and can take place in your own home (this can be particularly beneficial as you will associate the relaxation techniques you learn with the place you will hopefully spend the most part of your labour) or possibly at mine if you're in the middle of the inevitable renovation/moving dramas that can so often accompany pregnancy! 

The full private hypnobirthing course costs £400, and this includes a space for both you and your birth partner. It also includes your own copy of the hypnobirthing book, three MP3's to use during and after the course and ALL the extras above. The course can be tailored in time and duration to suit your individual needs, and fit in at a time to suit you. This can be done in the comfort of your own home at a time to suit you both. Great for busy people to fit in with schedules, or people who want to focus on specific areas, fears or concerns.

 Travel to your home or place of work may be at an additional cost, depending on location.

Bespoke ‘essentials’ Hypnobirthing courses.

Perhaps you have already completed a local NCT or Antenatal class, and you, or a group of you, have realised you could do with some actual practical tools to support your through labour? Or you don’t really understand how your mind is the absolute key to labour and birth and how to access this effectively. I am available to run short individual or group sessions from your home to cover anything you feel is missing. Please contact me for details and to discuss how I could help you. These are charged at the rate of £45 an hour, per couple.

Whatever your need may be, please get in touch and I will see how I can help!

Skype based Hypnobirthing Courses

I am delighted to offer my hypnobirthing course via Skype from the comfort of your own home - wherever you are in the world. Contact me for more details of this option.


Hypnobirthing Refresher Courses


If you have already completed a hypnobirthing course (perhaps with a previous pregnancy) and would just like a little refresher and a top up, I am delighted to offer this to you too.

Head over the the ‘Hypnobirthing Refresher Courses’ page for all the details

For more information & Booking:

If you would like to get in touch to discuss the different options available, or check which course may suit you, then please do get in touch with Susan.