Hypnobirthing Testimonials & Kind Words

It's always nice one to hear what other think of something before you try it yourself. Something that people have said are really helpful to them are testimonials, reviews and feedback - authentic words make a huge difference. So here are some recent feedback collected from my For Modern Mothers Hypnobirthing classes and courses in and around York. You can find more reviews of my Hypnobirthing courses over on my Facebook page too right here - www.facebook.com/formodernmothers

We attended Susan’s hypnobirthing course this month and it was fantastic. The perfect mix of relaxation techniques, evidence based information about all your options, non-judgemental advice, guides on how to remain in control and make your own decisions, how to navigate the NHS systems and tons more. The effort she had put into the course was evident throughout and we were sent away with loads of extra info and freebies. This course covers everything you need to know about pregnancy, labour and birth - a real all-rounder. I wish I hadn’t bothered with anything else! Thanks Susan .
— VP
We are so excited and positive about the (imminent) birth of our baby. Our anxieties are completely under control. We know this is as a direct result of attending the hypnobirthing course with Susan. We feel empowered and informed. We have made our own decisions (with lots of flexibility in our preferences). We have committed ourselves to practicing the techniques. With Susan’s clear & down to earth guidance we feel ‘we can do this’.
I would highly recommend attending pregnancy yoga with Susan too.
— L & C
I could not recommend this course enough, it has helped myself and my partner prepare and really get excited about the upcoming birth of our first baby! Susan delivers the course in a casual and friendly setting which is just what you need in order to feel relaxed and really get the most of out it. She also takes the time to really find out what you want from your birth and is extremely supportive of your wishes, doing all she can and more to equip you with information and tools to help you achieve it.
— D & J
“My husband and I took part in Susan’s hypnobirthing course in June this year and can’t recommend her highly enough. She is so knowledgeable and delivered all the information in such an interesting and easy to understand format. Had I not done her course i would not have felt at all mentally prepared for birth. I went from feeling apprehensive and nervous about the unknown of labour, to calm and in control. My birth didn’t go how I would have planned, but her course gave me the techniques to deal with all the changes that were beyond my control, which made me feel calm and continue with my hypnobirthing labour. Susan continued her support after the course when I emailed her with questions and concerns. She is incredibly generous with her time and knowledge. She made my labour something I looked forward to, rather than ignored/feared. We now have a beautiful baby boy. A highly recommended 5 stars.”
— J & H
We thoroughly enjoyed your course, it’s made us see the birthing process completely differently, and dare I even say I think it could be enjoyable. Whereas before your classI just considered the birthing process to be terrifying! Thank you Susan so much for providing such an informative
and positive course. I’ve been recommending hypnobirthing to anyone that will listen to me!
— K & J
I met Susan on a very heart-breaking journey to motherhood. When I found myself pregnant it was only natural to seek her advice again. Her hypnobirthing course will give you all the tools to get confident about the birth. You’ll get a chance to connect to your baby and see how you and your birth partner can work as a team. Susan will provide you with all the support you may need no matter how and where you’d like to give birth to your baby. My husband and I went from confused and lost to confident and calm thanks to the hypnobirthing course. Thank you for all your help.
— G & M
We both can’t thank you enough for all your love and support during these precious months. Your knowledge in both pregnancy yoga and hypnobirthing has been invaluable to us and I honestly feel that without meeting you, we would never have known all the wealth of information you’ve shared with us and the choices we as a couple can make along this journey to becoming a family.
We feel we would have just been left to ‘go with standard procedure’ had we not been made aware of all the choices we can make and honestly feel like we’ve been in control and so well informed throughout the process. I just can’t wait to use my hypnobirthing for real!

So I just wanted to say a huge thank you and say we’ll see you on the other side!
— M & S
I went into labour early this morning and had my planned caesarean with a wonderful team and a lovely birth!

Thank you again for all your support and advice. I used my hypnobirthing breathing during my labour and listened to my scripts on the way to hospital and had a really positive experience.

Thanks again for everything - you’ve been brilliant xxxx
— K & J
 I just wanted to thank you for the classes.
The breathing really helped with my contractions and I managed on gas and air alone.
I really enjoyed the classes and thanks again for your support in the run up to the birth of N.
— K&S
Baby D was born on Monday evening. I had an induction at 3.30pm and he was born at 7.31pm using the amazing Hypnobirthing and yoga, and a little gas and air towards the end! Thank you so much for all my training and advice! Perfect birth as far as I am concerned 💙 I cannot thank you enough for all the prep work! The yoga and Hypnobirthing were invaluable and I will recommend you to anyone and everyone. See you soon xxx
— A & K
The course was great - I feel much more well informed now, but the relaxed way you delivered it means not in a ‘bombarded with information’ kind of way! It’s obvious that you put a lot of love into the hypnobirthing course, as with everything you do, so thank you!
— L & J
Thank you for all of the additional information you sent us through. We can’t tell you enough how helpful we found the course.
— R&B
Susan’s course not only helped us have a wonderful birth but also a joyful lead up that was strengthening for our family in a time that can be uncertain. We spent time talking, listening to music together, using the relaxation techniques on each other (including our 6 year old) to prepare and it’s a time I look back on fondly. A wonderful way to prepare for a family of three to become four! Susan is so calm, and well versed in all that is hypnobirthing and birth preparation.
Susan also was amazing at being there us with information and support when curve balls came our way at the end of pregnancy. We had the confidence to have a great birth that was mainly at home as we had wanted and a swift VBAC delivery in hospital followed by hours of precious skin to skin. Amazing xxx
— J & G
We both really enjoyed the course. The biggest impact on me is I’m actively looking forward to welcoming my baby into the world and I’m excited and confident that my body knows what it’s doing! Thank you
— B&D
“Susan’s hypnobirthing course is not to be missed. It helped / is helping, us make the most of this really special time”
— J & G
“We really enjoyed the course and felt inspired. Birth no longer scares me and I actually look forward to it now.”
— M M
It was everything we had hoped for, peaceful, quiet, a really wonderful, amazing but also humbling experience. So first a long overdue ‘thank you’ for your valuable training and for being the strong, and only, positive inspiration I needed, that childbirth needn’t be a frightening and painful experience.

With grateful thanks
— - Helen (Mother)
“The breathing and relaxation techniques really helped me prepare for and during my c-section, thank you”
— Amanda (mother)
Thanks so much for all of this! We loved the course.
— B & K

Just a quick message to thank you warmly for the hypnobirthing sessions. It was really informative, balanced, and in my view had the right mix of sciences, experience, common sense and wisdom. So thank you very much for that. We left the with lots to think about! Thank you again!
— - Ian (Father)
A huge thankyou to you, and hypnobirthing, and the massive confidence it gave me on the pregnancy and labouring process. I genuinely don’t believe I would have got so far without it.
— J & M

“The breathing exercises were definitely helpful during the labour, thanks so much”
— Katharine (mother)

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