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Brilliant local pregnancy, birth and post natal specialists in and around York



Here in and around York, Harrogate and Leeds we have some amazing local practitioners and therapists who can support you in so many different ways throughout your journey into motherhood. Right through from trying to conceive through pregnancy and post natally. I am delighted to work with these highly trained people and to share them with you. 

Including acupuncture, reflexology, osteopathy, doulas, independent midwives, physiotherapists, pregnancy & postnatal massage, Mizan therapists, lactation consultants, baby massage teachers. The list really does go on and on I am delighted to say. Do mention that you have been doing the For Modern Mothers Hypnobirthing course with me.  I give you a longer list (think of it as a ‘little black book’) of all the brilliant practitioners and local experts when you attend my Hypnobirthing courses.

There will also be more of these lovely people here soon, so you can see all that they have to offer and how they can benefit you in your pregnancy and long afterwards too.


Rennie Prelle - Maternity Reflexologist

Renni Prelle is an experienced reflexologist working with clients including pregnant women. Maternity reflexology is a safe and relaxing therapy that may help you become more relaxed and balanced during pregnancy and labour. Other benefits are physical and mental preparation for the birth of your baby.Maternity Reflexology may also help ease many of the common ailments associated with pregnancy, such as nausea and morning sickness, back pain, anxiety, constipation, fatigue and many more. Find out more about Rennie and reflexology in pregnancy at http://www.renniprelle.co.uk/

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Treasure Chest - Breast Feeding Support

This is a brilliant organisation we are so lucky to have in York. They are brilliant and totally FREE antenatal breastfeeding workshops each month (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED), and also drop-in support every weekday in locations around York. So you can chat, get support with feeding and get further more specialist help if needed too. 

This is the Treasure Chest Breastfeeding support website - make a note of it and them in pregnancy , and also their great Facebook group for online support day and night -www.facebook.com/TreasureChestBreastfeedingSupportYork

Check out my video here where I chatted to one of the Treasure Chest peer supporters all about the group.

Michaela Scott - Pregnancy Massage, Post Natal Massage & Doula

Michaela is a pregnancy specialist and very experienced in many aspects of pregnancy and birth. Her specialist pregnancy massage can be of enormous benefit, not only to you, but also to your baby.  Massage during pregnancy can support you emotionally and physiologically at a time when your body is undergoing many changes and can help prepare your body for birth. They are a wonderful nurturing treat, and a gorgeous way to take care of yourself at this special time. Michaela can also help you relax and ease tension from your body after baby arrives too with her amazing postnatal massages.

Michaela can also support you as a Doula during your pregnancy, during labour and birth and postnatally.

"If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it." Dr Marshall Klaus

Find out more about Michaela and her pregnancy skills at https://york-mothernurture.weebly.com/


Caroline Bolton - Lactation Consultant

Caroline is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) who has been helping families in the York area for 15 years. She’s basically the gold standard in helping you to breastfeed your baby.

Caroline offers one to one consultations in your own home. This can be antenatal breastfeeding preparation sessions, early days sessions, sleep sessions, introducing solid food and returning to work sessions. She is also a qualified Post Natal Doula and can offer ad hoc and regular help. as offers a nursing bra fitting service too.
To discuss your requirements contact Caroline for a chat - 07702 55360 or find her on Facebook here.

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Adrienne Symonds - Lactation Consultant

Adrienne is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) who offer a range of one to one and small group appointments for those families living within a 15 mile radius of central York, plus online and telephone support for those who live further afield. She can cover a wide range of breastfeeding areas - such as positioning and attachment, latch issues, weight gain concerns, transitioning back to work, introducing solids, extended and tandem nursing - if you have an area you’d like covering, get in touch with Adrienne via her website - https://www.adriennesymonds.co.uk/ or via Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Adrienneibclc/

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Cathy Nichols - Birth Pool Hire in York

Cathy runs the Happy Homebirth Company in York, which hires out birthpools, accessories (thermometers, covers etc) and where you can buy liners if you have borrowed a pool. Cathy is super knowledgeable and friendly and will help you choose the right pool for you, and that you can collect it at a time that suits you. 

Find out all about hiring a birth pool in York at https://www.happyhomebirth.co.uk/

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Baby Massage

I am delighted to offer Baby Massage classes both as a weekly group class, and also bespoke classes for groups of friends too. There are so many amazing benefits to massaging your baby - both for baby and Mum/Dad. These include developing a special the bond between you and your baby, help relieve wind, colic & constipation, stimulates and supports your baby’s physical, emotional and social development. It’s also great fun to learn and a brilliant way to meet other new parents and spend special time with your baby. Find out more about Baby Massage classes in York here online.

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Anne Gledhill - Pregnancy Acupuncture

Anne is a specialist in acupuncture for fertility and in pregnancy in York. She is also an independent midwife with over 30 years experience of midwifery.  As well as having extensive experience in traditional medicine I also have a BSc (Hons) in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Northern College of Acupuncture. I love to use a holistic, evidence based and intuitive approach to health care and well being. 

She can help to support you in your pregnancy in so many ways. Find out more on the York Acupuncture Works website - https://www.yorkacupunctureworks.co.uk/


Puddle Ducks

Swimming with your baby is one of the most wonderful experiences you can share together. It offers your little one a unique sensory experience and helps them develop confidence in water that will last them a lifetime. You can start as soon as you are ready after baby is born, and enjoy the special time each week to bond with baby in the water. Find out more about local classes for you and your baby here.