Tell Me About... Breastfeeding Support, with Treasure Chest York


This is such an important blog post and video! It's all about local breast feeding support here in York by a wonderful organisation called Treasure Chest. They are an amazing resource that aims to promote, support and encourage breastfeeding in the York area. They have amazing FREE breast feeding workshops you can attend when you are pregnant, and they offer brilliant support once baby arrives and for as long as you'd like or try to breastfeed (in person and on their Facebook group too). And support is SO important when you are trying to breastfeed. It is often not an easy journey, but having support and knowing where to turn is REALLY important - and we are so so very lucky to have this amazing and totally FREE group.

Take a look at the video here as I chat to Katherine and Evalyn all about the brilliance of Treasure Chest. You can also see it directly on my For Modern Mothers YouTube channel here too - plus lots of other pregnancy, birth and motherhood videos, tips and information.

Treasure Chest are wonderful, lovely, supportive, kind, generous and non judgemental women who run the group and give up their time to do this - so please do contact them for their wonderful support and share their details with any pregnant women you meet. They can help with things like latching on, knowing that your baby is feeding well, how to learn babies feeding cues, tongue tie, different feeding positions and SO much more.

Find their website here -
And their Facebook support group here -

Huge thanks to Katherine and beautiful Evalyn for taking time to record this video with me just before one of their week day group meetings.
Susan xxx

And don't forget there there are lots more video's on my For Modern Mothers YouTube channel -

(Fab illustration by bonnie doman)