Tell Me About....Baby and Toddler Sleep

OK so this is a biggie in my 'Tell Me About' video series with amazing local pregnancy, birth and motherhood experts. It's something that is always being discussed in my Mum & Baby Yoga and Baby Massage classes, it causes a lot of worry and stress for all new, and not so new, parents - and it is of course BABY SLEEP!

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There are so many books and 'methods', but what is actually science and evidence based, and what are simply perpetuated myths about baby sleep? A good example of a common sleep myth is that it's not possible to teach a baby to self soothe. As this is emotional regulation and it's a developmental milestone that actually takes years. You don’t need to ‘teach’ your baby to sleep.

And what exactly is 'normal' baby sleep? You may be surprised to know that it’s VERY different to adult sleep patterns, and that explains a lot! A baby’s sleep is shorter sleep cycles, lighter sleep, and so potentially more walking in the night. It also takes time for babies to develop their own natural circadian rhythm (ie knowing they are supposed to be sleeping at night and be awake during the day).

And by knowing that is ‘normal’ and what you can ‘expect’ from your baby, then you can at least relax a little into the sleep deprivation. No it’s not easy have such broken sleep as a parent, but at least if you know it’s normal and is OK, then you are not fretting about doing ‘the wrong thing’ and being totally stressed out (on top of the lack of sleep).

But what is so reassuring to know too is that there are ways you can you encourage baby to sleep in a gentle and calm way. Sadly there is no ‘magic wand’, oh my goodness if only there was! But you can do some simple things which may help.

We look at ALL OF THIS and lots more in my video chat (in the video below) with local expert Lauren of Calm Family York. Lauren is an amazing woman, so knowledgeable yet so approachable and easy going too. Lauren is a Calm Family Consultant and Parenting Coach, she helps parents raise children in a calm and loving way. Everything she teaches is evidence based, and gives you practical strategies and support in raising a family in a way you'll feel good about.

So here’s the video, it’s a real must watch. I found it totally fascinating and learned lots myself about baby and infant sleep. Take a look and let us know how you found it.

You can find out more about Lauren and her amazing workshops and one to one sessions here - She works with pregnant couples antenatally looking at the Fourth Trimester, Sleep Workshops (there’s lots more to know than our short video here), and also workshops on toddler behavior. Do check out her whole offer and how she can help support you in a calm parenthood on her page.

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