5 Top Tips for a Calm, Positive Pregnancy and Birth


In this weeks blog post I want to share with you some of the super simple yet super effective things that I teach all the couples on my For Modern Mothers Hypnobirthing classes (both the private and group ones) that are the most important for you to remember. So here are my 5 top tips for you to help your pregnancy and birth be positive, calm and confident.

1. Practice makes positive.

While it is never too late for hypnobirthing to make a positive difference on a woman’s birth, it is most effective when you make the time to practice the tools and techniques we share in every day life. Practice makes positive. Don’t freak out if you have left it late, even one piece of valuable advice or a simple technique used on the day has the potential to make all the difference. BUT if you want to stack the odds in your favour, just get on with it and start a hypnobirthing class asap.

2. Positive does not mean perfect

We try to drum this home as often as possible, that regardless of how much practice and time you put in, it will not guarantee you the ‘perfect’ birth? So, what’s the point? The points are: you will increase your chances of having an easier, intervention free birth if you utilize the hypnobirthing tools. But most importantly if things do not go to plan you will feel able to navigate whatever situations are presented to you feeling calm and confident. Which will set you for a far more affirming start to your new chapter of motherhood and parenthood.

3. It will give you and your birth partner the space to grow together

One of the most common themes I hear from women who have had one child already, is just how much of an isolating experience it can as they do all the work of growing the baby. Whilst things are changing hormonally, emotionally and physically, our partners, even if they are supportive, sometimes just don’t get it. Taking the time out to listen to each other on a weekly basis, so you can communicate what you need and want, is something that my hypnobirthing classes gives you the opportunity to do. In a way that bonds you all together as a family in a much deeper way than a regular antenatal program.

4. Identify your fears AND let them go

One of the things that separates hypnobirthing from yoga or other antenatal programs is not only do you have the opportunity to acknowledge your fears, but we give you the tools and techniques to let them go. This is fundamentally important whether you’re going to birth first, second or whatever number baby this is. Burying your head in the sand is not a great strategy for a good birth. Knowing you have fears, but not knowing how to release them will not serve you on the day either.

5. You CAN do it!

I know this may sound a little trite, but it needs to be said. For the women who are scared witless about giving birth, the journey to creating a calm and positive birth experience, starts with listening to that little voice within you, that says, maybe….possibly….perhaps we CAN do this. And actually believing it.

For those who already believe, OWNING that belief, with your birth team and seeing where you can stretch and expand your confidence on a day to day basis. So, you know from experience that if you can navigate the twists and turns of life, of course you can navigate birth.

I hope that these few little ideas give you an idea of what Hypnobirthing Classes with For Modern Mothers is all about. To find out more, and about EVERYTHING we cover in this complete birth preparation package (and there are loads of brilliant extras you don't get with other hypnobirthing, antenatal or NCT classes)  take a look at the Hypnobirthing section of my website here.

And don't forget - You ARE a goddess. You CAN do this. Your body CANNOT fail. You’ve got this.

Susan x