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Positive Affirmations For Motherhood

Being a new mothers can feel overwhelming. So I wanted to share a technique from my hypnobirthing course - positive affirmations - but a version especially for motherhood.

Filling your mind with positive thoughts, and reminding yourself what a truly amazing job you are doing as a mother, can really help you feel brighter and repeating positive affirmations actually rewires your brain and halts negative thought patterns (it’s been proved by neuroscience, it’s called neuroplasticity if you’re interested - but you’re probably not, you have a small baby to look after - science schizz can wait!!).

Simply use these affirmations on a daily basis to help you create pops of positivity when you are sleep deprived, hormonal and feeling overwhelmed. They are simple yet effective, and allow you to regroup a little and focus on the positive. Cut them out and stick them around the house, or carry them with you. As with all things motherhood - do what suits YOU best, there is no right or wrong. And of course make up your own if you prefer.

Find your FREE printable set of Positive Affirmations For Motherhood cards to download right here (you’ll get a .pdf to download).

As always please do let me know how you get on

Susan xx