Can I get everything I need from Hypnobirthing alone?

Can I get everything I need from Hypnobirthing alone?

I wanted to share with you this blog post, which is a really interesting one for couples who are currently researching how to prepare for the birth of your baby. If you are considering your options for antenatal preparation you might be interested in what exactly Hypnobirthing is and whether you will get everything you need to know from attending my course. 

Here are some of the questions that I have been asked many times by couples enquiring about my hypnobirthing classes in York, and I think these are the questions that everyone thinks about before about attending a hypnobirthing course:

Will I be fully prepared for birth from just this course? (answer – yes)

Will I have to go on (and pay for) another antenatal course too? (answer – no)

Will I get the guidance I need to navigate my home, birth centre or hospital birth? (answer – yes)

Will this course be right for me, and what I want for me and my birth? (answer – yes)

Is it just relaxation? Will I need to attend another course or workshop to be fully prepared? (answer – no)

Will I get any support after the course is finished? (answer – yes)

WilI get to meet and connect with other local parents to be (answer – yes)

These questions are ALL answered more fully by telling you what I cover during my courses. Which is what I'll do for you now. This also highlights the importance of really researching the antenatal or hypnobirthing course you are planning to attend. Not all hypnobirthing is the same, in fact there is such a broad spectrum of classes so it is important that you feel aligned with the message and ethos of the teacher.

One other key thing to consider is how long the classes or home study are, if it’s only very short you may not get the same level of information or time to really change the way you think about birth. Ideally a course that’s around 10 hours long is recommended if you can. I run my classes over two sessions so that you have time between the sessions to get things straight in your mind, and go home, do a little practice and implement your learning and then ask any questions that come up in the next session. I also run my classes at the weekend, when you tend be  a bit more relaxed and less frazzled form work, and so in a better frame of mind to take in the information in a relaxed way.

This is important - practice is key. The more you do the more of an effect the tools and techniques I teach you will have, and the more you will be able to navigate your birth and any twists and turns that may unfold with confidence and positivity. 

I have put together a course that is a hybrid of Hypnobirthing, an Antenatal class and also incorporates element of yoga and mindfulness too. I have combined the wealth of knowledge I have from my trainings (Hypnobirthing, pregnancy yoga, aromatherapy, mindfulness, Doula, restorative yoga and postnatal yoga),  my own experiences of pregnancy, birth and motherhood and my general love and passion of all things pregnancy and birth. I continue to evolve, add to and to develop my course so that it’s the very best it can be, and I can always make sure I am able to prepare you for your individual birth in the way you need. I am in no way prescriptive or judgemental about any type of pregnancy or birth. 

We know how important it is to feed our brains with as much positive as we can and we know that sometimes courses and workshops designed for birth preparation do not focus on this. And occasionally even add to the fear and misconceptions that surround birth. So we'll look at techniques for bringing positivity into your daily life though affirmations, gratitude journaling and mindfulness practices. But we also know that we shouldn’t live in fairy land, we need to be real. We know that sometimes birth is not straightforward, babies have their own ideas on the day, and sometimes plans change -  and so we make sure we cover everything you need to know with this in mind to help you feel prepared and confident for the twists and turns of birth and feel really positive, empowered and supported no matter how you birth.


Ok, so what do we cover during my hypnobirthing classes?

My For Modern Mothers Hypnobirthing Course is a complete antenatal preparation course for a confident, calm and positive pregnancy and birth. Taking a holistic approach to this pretty major life event (#understatement) we look at both your mind and body to connect you to your intuition, and give you lots of brilliant tools (all science and evidence based) to use throughout your pregnancy, labour, birth & postnatally too. This is what we cover (get ready, its a lot!)

Session one ~ the logic and science of hypnobirthing

What is hypnobirthing? How and why does it work?

We’ll split the word up and look at how birth happens and what can help or hinder the process. We’ll look at how the human mind works, what hypnosis is (and isn’t!) and why we’re putting the two together. This rationale is integral to understanding the philosophy and approach behind hypnobirthing and will also explain why this course can help you in many other areas of life also.

~ the power of your birthing body

We’ll discuss the hormones and muscles at work during pregnancy and birth and how the automatic nervous system can impact this.

~ the techniques of hypnobirthing

With the rationale behind hypnobirthing firmly understood we’ll now look at techniques that you can help regulate your nervous system and with regular practice bring your mind and body to a place of calm.

We’ll use mindfulness, body scans, breathing, visualisation, touch, self-hypnosis, anchors – many things you can start to integrate into your life individually and with your partner to bring balance to your life as well as a positive approach to birth. Using these techniques for everyday living means you’ll more easily call on them during birth and parenting.


Session two

~ before birth – preparing for an empowered birth

We’ll balance up the emotional and psychological preparation we’ve done with discussions of

physical preparation for birth. This includes exercise, posture, positioning baby, active birth pelvic floor exercises and perineal massage. We’ll spend time discussing your birth preferences (rather than a birth plan!) and looking at options. This includes discussion of the benefits and risks of hospital policy and guidelines so you feel empowered to make good decisions for you and your baby around “routine” procedures and subjects such as induction, location of birth, monitoring, examinations, cord clamping, vitamin k - lots to discuss and think about so you can confidently express your wishes.


~ birth & beyond – the birth journey

We’ll bring everything together : moving from ‘zwischen’ (the last days of pregnancy) through “how will I know birth has started?!” to holding baby in your arms. We pay particular attention to how your might best support a birthing woman – so you can become a real ‘birthing dream team’. We’ll consider where you might be and what you might want to do to pass the time as baby makes their way; when to “call the midwife”, how to minimise distractions if there’s a journey to be made to a birthing centre or labour ward, and how you’ll recognise that baby’s not far away. We’ll look at techniques including massage, aromatherapy and of course breathing, relaxation and hypnosis to help you in labour. We’ll look in detail at “breathing” a baby out in that downward phase of birth, the importance of the third stage of birth and also discuss the “fourth trimester” and how to get the support you’ll want and need in the first few weeks with your baby ‘earth-side’.


Your questions are so important

I also really encourage you to ask any questions you might have as we go along - if you’re wondering something, chances are someone else in the room is too and will be grateful you asked! One of the great things about sharing hypnobirthing in this way in a group course is that we can open up discussions and tailor information for you – so you can get involved as much as you’d like to. Don't worry - there's no group activities or role play (something I personally hate, and I wouldn't put you through that either!). Discussion allows for insight and my ultimate aim is to support you in unlocking this approach for yourself rather than simply transfer information.

And all these extras too

For Modern Mothers Hypnobirthing York Course Pack.jpg

I want to make my courses as effective, practical and inspirational as possible. So as well as the 10 hours of face to face contact with me, you also get an amazing course pack with much more information to take away with you to read and use after the course has finished - that you don’t get with other antenatal or hypnobirthing classes. (and this I feel is so important, good quality course take-away information is really important for learning and understanding)  You will receive as part of the course the KG Hypnobirthing book and 3 MP3's, plus you get ALL these brilliant extras INCLUDED in the price of the course (worth £95 in themselves!):

  • My special 'For Modern Mothers' pregnancy workbook and journal that I've designed to accompany our sessions and help focus your energies and clarify your thinking. 
  • My 'For Modern Mothers' Active Birth Guide
  • My 'For Modern Mothers' Yoga For Pregnancy Guide
  • A set of my 'For Modern Mother' positive affirmation cards
  • An amazing deep yoga relaxation for pregnancy MP3
  • A special relaxation recording MP3 for Fathers to be
  • A lovely yoga meditation MP3 for mum for the fourth trimester
  • My 'For Modern Mothers' Aromatherapy For Childbirth Guide + bottle of gorgeous massage oil
  • A special discount on my Pregnancy Yoga weekly classe
  • Learn techniques on how to align your baby and your pelvis to encourage a quicker, easier and more comfortable birth.
  • My support after the course until the birth of your baby by email/Facebook/phone.
  • A dedicated 'closed' Facebook group of other Hypnobirthing parents to be, to keep in touch and support each other (priceless!)
  • A brilliant reading list of recommended resources, links and other helpful resources for pregnancy and the postnatal period.
  • I can also provide additional hypnobirthing recordings for you if you have specific requirements. You'll never be short of reading material and useful information!

Find out more about my hypnobirthing courses

My For Modern Mothers group hypnobirthing courses run every month in York, on weekend dates. If you are interested in looking at my For Modern Mothers  group hypnobirthing course dates head here. Or if you want to enquire about 1 to 1 private classes then drop me a line

I would love to hear from you and show you the brilliance of hypnobirthing. Please do let me know if you have any questions too (nothing is too silly, honestly!)

 Susan x