Happy Feet! Simple foot massage for pregnancy and motherhood

feet yoga pregnancy york susan.jpg

I’ve been doing this simple yet effective foot massage technique in my Pregnancy Yoga classes in York recently. It’s really important to stretch out your feet, ankles and legs in pregnancy (and post natally too). It keeps your feet, legs, pelvis and pelvic floor all functioning optimally - and that’s so important. Grab a tennis ball or spikey massage ball and join me!

This is also simply a delicious self-massage technique for your feet - and who doesn’t like a foot massage! It’s great for swollen feet and ankles it also helps the circulation to get going again - which can be sluggish in pregnancy. Also in pregnancy with all the extra ‘relaxin’ hormone in your body your feet can spread, and your arches can drop (which can be why you con’t get into your shoes in pregnancy sometimes) and that can lead to further problems later on. So keeping the feet active and moving with these massage techniques can help keep the feet in better shape, and keep all the muscles working well through your pregnancy and beyond.

It’s also so lovely to do after a day on your feet, or just while sitting at a desk. You'll need a tennis ball or a spiky massage ball (link to buy here) to do this.

Don’t forget your feet really are you foundations to a healthy body. So doing this little massage routine whether pregnant or not can be really beneficial. Not just for your feet, but for your legs, calves, pelvis and pelvic floor too - important stuff for sure!

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Susan x