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Happy Feet! Simple foot massage for pregnancy and motherhood

I’ve been doing this simple yet effective foot massage technique in my Pregnancy Yoga classes in York recently. It’s really important to stretch out your feet, ankles and legs in pregnancy (and post natally too). It keeps your feet, legs, pelvis and pelvic floor all functioning optimally - and that’s so important. Grab a tennis ball or spikey massage ball and join me!

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5 Brilliant Benefits Of Pregnancy Yoga

Even if you have never stepped foot on a yoga mat before, you may well be drawn to yoga during their pregnancy as many women are. Pregnancy yoga provides a safe and gentle way to move your body in pregnancy, working with your pregnant body as it grows and changes. But pregnancy yoga offers *SO* much more than just exercise appropriate for the pregnant body, and many mums to be discover they are reaping many many more benefits than they imagined from taking a pregnancy yoga class each week. Here's my guide to 5 brilliant benefits of pregnancy yoga.

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Exercise during pregnancy - a guide

Exercises during pregnancy can feel like a bit of a minefield. Whether you are a yoga geek, a gym bunny or a couch potato (or anywhere in between), once you find yourself pregnant it can be hard to know what kind of exercise you should, and shouldn't be doing. Some stuff is great - pregnancy yoga, swimming. Some not advised - contact martial arts, skiiing. Here's a guide for you...

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